Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Bed To Sleep In

So, My son's father is going to be giving me part of his tax return. It is going to be enough to buy my kids proper beds. This makes me happier than you might imagine, since they have been sharing a darned futon since we moved in. All of his promises to get or build them a proper bed have fallen short, and I am taking it into my own hands. I will also be getting something for myself, paying off some debts, and putting the rest into savings. He will know nothing about it.

I am exhausted. Literally wiped out. This week has been very hard on me. I have managed, though, to do more in this one week than I usually manage in an entire month. My apartment is completely clean, with the exception of dishes, and has been so all week. I have managed to get them to school on time every day this week, even though the weather has been not so fun and my alarm has failed to go off twice. I have managed to cook a proper dinner every day but one. I call that hugely successful for someone like me.

All the work I've done has take its toll though. I'm in so much pain, and I want to do nothing but sleep. I have no motivation, and I hate myself for it. I told him we are out of milk, eggs, and bread, and you would think I told him his car was totaled. The sheer audacity of these kids, eating the food so he would have to go to the store. This was after, of course, I asked him to pick the girls u from school because I literally lacked the strength to get on the bicycle again. That is another thing that led to immediate regret.

I really hope I can keep this up...

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