Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Day - New Challenge

Knowing that I am far from perfect as a mother means accepting that I have room to grow. I know that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, but my goal is to eventually be the mother that my children are proud to have. This is an exceptional challenge when my 8 year old regularly tells me she hates me, and says that I am mean to her simply because I set rules that I expect her to follow. I do not think I am a particularly mean mom. I think I am a pretty nice mom, there are just some things that I am unwilling to budge on.

Over the last few weeks, she has left our neighborhood twice without adult escort. this scares me for two reasons. One, the cops here seem to think that all children under the age of 15 SHOULD have a helicopter parent. Two, there have been multiple attempted kidnappings in the area. She does have the habit of just walking off, and getting lost. She does not see this as the problem it is though. She does not understand, no matter how many times I explain...ugh.

My sweet little girl also has issues understanding other people her age. She tries so hard, but she gets frustrated easily. When she gets frustrated, she can be less than nice. This is starting to cost her friends. that is a problem, because she does not seem to understand that they just really have a hard time dealing with her temper fluctuations. She has the desire to be out playing with them all day, and never wants to come in. Some parents see this as a great thing. I don't.

this may give her plenty of exercise and socialization, but these are not all the best kids to be around for such extended time periods. As easily as she loses her patience, it sometimes leads to violent acts, and she does not want to come in an calm down. this leads to her screaming at me, and me trying to not do the same in return. She goes out with one friend, but never stays with them so when I go to check on her, I have to search. Her sister cannot just wander around with her at her age, so she is here lonely and sad.

I think it is about time I print out a list of rules, responsibilities, and limit outside in the neighborhood play to no more than three, supervised closely by me, hours per day. I am hoping that at least once a week we will be able to take them to the park so they can have a more enjoyable time. There is just not much for them to do here, so when they get bored they fight or get destructive. I am not just talking about my littles either. I may not be the best, but none of these other parents will be winning any awards either. They sure seem to like to judge you though...