Thursday, April 7, 2016

Not doing so well...

I'm pretty terrible at keeping this updated. 

A few things have happened since my last post that are really taking a toll on my mental health. First, I found out he was cheating, and had to listen to him lie to me about it. Multiple times. Oh well, right. I'm the dumb bitch that stays (because I literally have nowhere else to go and no way to get there). 

Anyway, he's been putting on  hell of a show, treating me better, acting so caring. I should have known how fake it all was. Until A few days ago, he really had me fooled. I caught him, completely by accident. He admits it, then tells me he doesn't want it to change our relationship. The fact that he's cheating and hiring prostitutes isn't something that that he wants to change our relationship? Really?

I pretend that I'm okay, but I'm really not. I'm hiding in my bedroom, crying, because it is just another thing on top of everything else. I am broken. I am nothing. I will never be good enough...

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