Sunday, November 29, 2015

Breathing new life into old things

You know, life is not easy. Not for adults, not for children, and especially not for parents. You know that feeling when you know that you are doing everything you can but everything is still falling apart on the regular? Yep.

I'm terrible at blog maintenance. Just as bad at keeping a journal, even when it is important. Why? Depression maybe. Who knows. Here is what has happened over the last year:

I became homeless. Became estranged from many family members because I was unwilling to give them all I had. Gained friends, moved three times to three states. No longer homeless, but hopelessly broke. But yay, there's a beach a couple blocks away. A real beach. Whatever.

My older daughter had to be hospitalized for being a danger to others. She is now on medication. My younger daughter is her normal ray of sunshine self. My little guy is growing like crazy, potty trained, and very much a two year old.

Between worries about bills, feeding my family, and my mental health, I'm falling apart. I can't even buy gifts for the upcoming holiday, much less my big girl's 9th birthday. But we have a roof over our heads. No friends or nearby family, but no motels, couches, or shelters. You win some...

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