Monday, December 16, 2013

The devastating habit and the amazing astronaut

So girl 1 is steadily making herself more and more ill. Today she is running a fever, but still refuses to use the bathroom. I am calling a clinic to make an appointment for her. Someone HAS to take this seriously. She does not eat anything of substance. When she does, it is not enough to help her. She is not eating enough to sustain herself and gets exhausted quickly. I can count her ribs ffs. This is killing me. If the clinics will not take me seriously, I will be taking her to the emergency room,because she is fucking dying.

Girl two has an amazing imagination and is reaching for the stars, quite literally. She took a box, and decorated it. She told me "This is my rocket ship. Do you like it? It is going to take me to the moon someday..." This is the first time she has shown any desire to be in any career as an adult. Interesting that it would be something so difficult to achieve. I hope that if this is a goal for her, that she never gives up...

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