Saturday, December 7, 2013

Awesomely horrible...

I have some truly awesome kiddos. The smallest one loves punk music. He will dance to it and smile. He even tries to sing along. If he has to go too many days without hearing hours of it, he gets unbearably cranky. Girl 2 is sweet and funny. She know a lot of bigger than her words, and how to use them correctly. She is lovey and cuddly. Her temper is amazing too, but even while she is screaming and stomping her feet (which she does while screaming stomp, stomp, stomp), she will tell you what she is angry about and can be easily brought back into a calmer state.

Girl 1 is pretty amazing too. She is smart, but is always telling herself she can't. I hate that. I think that is the worst four letter word out there...can't. With a little patience and guidance, she sees that she can, ad her face lights up so bright. She is a math wiz, but gets really bored very quickly. She is getting so much better at reading, but she would rather be doing anything else but schooling. She is also amazingly frustrating...

Getting her to do her schoolwork is amazingly difficult and frustrating. It is always a huge fight and she has gotten way behind. When she gets upset or overwhelmed, there are violent meltdowns and extreme tantrums. The worst thing though...well the hardest thing for me to handle is her bathroom problem. I wish there was a way to fix it. She won't go #2. She will hold it until she makes messes in her clothes, but it doesn't even end there. She will hide and use whatever she can get her hands on to clean herself up. This is not limited to her clothes, it extends to her sister's, her brother's, and even mine. 

I am hoping to have medicaid for her soon so I can take her to a doctor. I am just afraid it is going to be fight after fight to get any of them to listen to me. She makes herself sick with it. The last doctor she had said it wasn't a problem...but it is. It is a huge problem. She hardly eats, she is always tired, she never feels well. She gets low grade fevers because her body is fighting to get rid of the waste. Why does this have to be so hard? :(

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