Monday, October 7, 2013

I ain't no nice guy after all...

I am a stay at home mom. This means that I spend nearly every minute of every day with at least one child demanding my attention for one reason or another. It could be the baby needing a diaper change or a bottle. It might be my four year old demanding something silly. It might be both of my older ones asking for something to eat even though they had breakfast an hour ago. It may just be one or all of them wanting some attention. I get little to no time alone if any of them are awake. This includes bathroom time. I cook for us all. Their dad is easy though. He will eat pretty much anything I cook. So what about me isn't so nice? I have gotten to the point that I feel like a servant. All of that and the oldest refuses to clean up after herself. No cleaning up after herself means I have to spend what time I would have to myself cleaning up her messes. She fights me all the way on her schoolwork. This means a normal school schedule turns into all day. I mean it is dark out when we finally finish, and sometimes she still has refused to complete half of her assignments. I am getting fed up. I have gotten far more strict about the schooling. I am getting more strict about chores. The big problem? I think she might have an ASD that is making things like this more difficult. I will be getting her tested as soon as possible. If she does, we need ti know so that we can do this right. I love her and her brother and sister with my whole existence. I really want to be able to keep her on track and happy, without feeling like a failure or feeling like I am neglecting her siblings because she absolutely requires so much more attention and patience. ..

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